Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revolutionary idea...

I am wondering if it would be considered neglectful if I suddenly just stopped feeding my children? Would it be child endangerment? Or maybe it would just be considered inappropriate? I've been called inappropriate before...I could live with that. I have come to the conclusion that it is an exercise in futility to feed my children every day. It is an unnecessary burden on my time, my checkbook, and my mental health. A sane, rational person would not continue feeding a creature that will not eat. It is completely nonsensical to feed my kids. Every night I spend invaluable mental energy contemplating what to cook for dinner and precious time cooking it, only to have it thrown in the trash. And it does not matter what I cook. Asparagus? Trash. Sandwiches? Trash. Mac & cheese? Trash. Pancakes? Trash. It doesn't matter if it is a food they like or not....though I could count the number of foods they "like" on one hand. They simply do not eat. What do you do with children who do not eat? I feel an obligation to offer them food, regardless. But I am wondering if perhaps cutting them off completely would make more sense? Imagine if I never fed them...would they have the energy to run around like lunatics? No more jumping on the beds. I might actually be able to catch them when they run. They wouldn't have the fortitude to riot. Hmmm...I like this idea. It could even be considered "green" living, don't you think? No more wasting more wasting packaging. No more tossing away the blood and sweat of the American farmer. I think this is a revolutionary idea. I could start a movement. My very own version of Farm Aid. Save the American Farmer...stop feeding your ungrateful children.


Anonymous said...

Sweet and funny Shannon... I don't know how you managed to find humour in such a dismal topic as this one but you certainly did. I dread dinnertime like most dread disease. Fist the coming up with an idea. Then there's the cooking. I absolutely hate it. Then begins the begging and threatening and dirty looks. The reactions that range from depressed 8-year-old all the way up to bawling 5-year-old. Good times, Baby.

I have often thought of starting my own blog but I would at least have to see the humour in our day-to-day drudgery around here and - being stuck in it 24/7 - I simply cannot. I imagine that is a bad sign but I'm too damn tired to care! Maybe the fact that you CAN see the humour is an argument for my getting out there and getting a JOB!?

Signed "Happy" Mama from DWLZ :)

PS: I don't get the Select a Profile thing so I am selecting "Anonymous" and seeing if it works!!

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