Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cat fight...literally

I don't know what to do with the two young females living in my house. Molly the cat has started scratching. However, the ONLY person in the house that she scratches is Sophie. And it's happened on numerous occasions. Of all the people in the house, Sophie is probably the worst choice to be the scratchee. Let's just say that she has getting-over-it issues. She will scream for a solid hour any time Molly scratches her. She is not only hurt...she is offended to the core of her being. And as I've said before, Sophie is not shy about vocalizing her displeasure. Not shy at all.

Ruanita and I are smart enough not to stick our hands in Molly's face when we see that she is being frisky. Lucas, for the most part, avoids Molly altogether. He'll laugh at her when she's acting silly, but he is very wary of her. I never see him petting her and he gets really nervous when she tries sitting in his lap or laying on him. I wish he was warmer towards her, but I guess it works for him since he's never been scratched. Nicholas does pet Molly. And play with Molly. However, he approaches her like he does most things...quietly, gently, almost fairy-like. Yes, I just called my son a fairy, but in this instance it is a good thing. She seems to respond to his genteel nature. He approaches her calmly and considerately and Molly just rolls over and lets Nicky pet her. He's a bona-fide cat-whisperer.

Sophie, however, is a different story altogether. She is not genteel...or quiet...or fairy-like. Sophie approaches Molly with complete abandon. If she feels like kissing the cat, she will just run up behind her, grab her, and kiss her. Of course, poor Molly gets startled and lashes out. This is exactly what happened this morning....and Molly gave Sophie a bloody lip. Sophie was still screaming when I left for work. Poor Ruanita.

I have tried explaining to Sophie that she scares Molly and that is why Molly scratches her. She's protecting herself against the onslaught....a perfectly natural instinct. I have tried instructing my daughter on the finer points of gentleness. For some reason, it's just not working. Sophie has many great qualities that I absolutely adore...gentility is not one of them. I don't want to have Molly de-clawed. That seems like cruel and unusual punishment for simply defending herself against the tornado that we lovingly call Sophie. So I am at a loss as to what to do. In the meantime, my daughter is walking around with a patchwork pattern of scratches on her face. Why can't we all just get along?!


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