My Lovely Urchins

Nicholas is 11 years old. His interests include voracious reading, playing the Nintendo Switch, anything and everything related to Nintendo, playing the Switch, taping random scraps of paper to his bedroom walls, playing the Switch, writing fan letters to Nintendo's founder, playing the Switch, hoarding various and sundry broken toys, outgrown eyeglasses, bottle caps, and small trinkets on his bedside nightstand, playing the Switch, collecting stuffed animals to cover every inch of his twin bed, monologuing about video games, snuggling, declaring his undying love to everyone, being randomly hilarious, and cow-towing the his twin sister's every desire.

Sophie is 11 years old. Her interests include eating, helping mom cook, voracious reading, any food with a high sugar to nutrition ratio, playing the violin passive-aggressively, eating, heaping affection on any and all animals, lamenting the utter banality of her life, eating, getting perfect straights As in school, following me from room to room attempting to reinsert herself into the orifice from whence she came, eating some more, sarcasm, being generally kick-ass, and showing her brothers in no uncertain terms that she is tougher than they'll ever be.

Lucas is 15 years old. His interests include singing in the Washburn Men's Choir, randomly shoving his little brother, headphones, plotting ways in which he can avoid homework, telling nonsensical jokes, monologuing about history and/or politics, Dungeons & Dragons, spending hours on his laptop doing "nothing, Mom," Debate, grinning inappropriately when being scolded, squealing like a little girl at a decibel painful to human ears, playing devil's advocate to his mom's absolute annoyance, tossing his dirty socks wherever they may land, spending more time with his friends than his family, and power lounging.

Stella is 9 years old (give or take a year). Her interests include following people to the bathroom, guarding people who are on the toilet, sleeping all day, spreading trash around the house when left alone, burying trashcan food in the children's beds, snuggling butts, barking like she is rabid when the mailman approaches, "guarding" our street by growling incessantly at anyone who dares to walk down it, displaying her total lack of social skills in public, wedging her 50-pound body in three inches of space on a full couch, and acting as a pillow pet to her three beloved kids.