My Lovely Urchins

Nicholas is six years old. His interests include reading, playing the Wii, anything and everything related to Super Mario Brothers, playing the Wii, taping random scraps of colored paper to his bedroom walls, playing the Wii, sneaking scissors out of our kitchen junk drawer, playing the Wii, hoarding various and sundry broken toys and small trinkets on his bedside nightstand, playing the Wii, arguing for the mere sport of it, and declaring his never-ending love and affection for his mommas when he is caught being his usual sneaky self.

Sophie is six years old. Her interests include eating, “helping” momma bake, any food with a high sugar to nutrition ratio, Polly Pocket and her annoying multitude of infinitesimal accessories, eating, lamenting the utter banality of her life, eating, following me from room to room attempting to reinsert herself into the orifice from whence she came, eating, squealing at a volume unfit for human ears, eating some more, and showing her brothers in no uncertain terms that she is tougher than they'll ever be.

Lucas is ten years old. His interests include singing in the Metropolitan Boys Choir, poking his little brother with toothpicks, playing the Wii, watching Antiques Roadshow with his momma, plotting ways in which he can avoid homework, telling nonsensical jokes, grinning inappropriately when being scolded, tossing his dirty socks wherever they may land, making up "facts" about history and the natural world (ie. all of the ancient Egyptians were male), and lounging around the house in his underwear.