Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Gruesome Scene

I walked in on my oldest son this evening laying in the bathtub with his eyes closed. He was floating in a pool of blood. As I peered into the bathtub, my breath suddenly left my lungs all at once. Like it did when I fell out of a tree when I was eight years old. You would think a person would scream incoherently when finding their own child laying in a pool of blood. But when all the oxygen rushes out, you can do nothing more than squeak pitifully. So I made this odd little gurgling noise. Immediately, my mind envisioned a montage of every anonymous dead body floating in a bathtub I had seen on every episode of CSI, Law and Order, and the horror movies of my youth. I never expected to find such a gruesome scene in my own home. It took nothing more than a split second for me to be gripped with absolute, unmitigated terror.

Then Lucas opened his eyes. And grinned at me. wasn't blood that he was floating in. My kids have these little colored Crayola tablets that they put in the bath water to turn it colors. They think it is great fun to bathe in a rainbow of strangely hued water every night. I have seen blue and orange and purple in recent days. Until this evening, however, I had not seen the water turned blood red.

I am considering suing Crayola for emotional distress. I think I have a strong case.


Madgew said...

Obviously, he got in the bath without you. I would have freaked and screamed and grabbed him and tried to get him out. You seemed calm on the outside. Was he sleeping? That worries me more. Glad all is well and it once again is a wacky world in your home. Can't wait to stay there.

Barb said...

Oh my. This would give me a heart attack. Sam is not allowed to get in the tub by himself, and I threw out all that colored chemical stuff a long time ago because I was sick of having to clean it off all the toys and walls. Just the thought of this scene gives me chills. I cannot even imagine living through it. Maybe you could make your litigation a class action lawsuit to include all of us who have read this post and been traumatized. :)

Shannon Ralph said...

Ruanita actually put him in the bath tub, but I was not warned of the red dye. It didn't take me long to figure it out, but for that split second, I think my heart stopped. :)

Jessica said...

That is awesome! ;) I've never seen those before, do they make a mess or stain the tub? If not I might have to get some for the kids. If so, I'll make sure they never find out about them.

I've had a few of those irrational split second thoughts. They are so terrifying and so brief and you feel silly afterward, but in that split second it is pretty powerful. Glad you didn't have a heart attack or anything.

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