Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hills are Alive...

I love a geek as much as the next person. I truly do. I think geeks are awesome. I think nerds are pretty phenomenal people. Dorks? Adore them. Dweebs? A better bunch of human beings can’t possibly be found anywhere on this Earth. Being such a goober-lover, imagine my sheer elation when my son came home from school yesterday wanting to join the choir. Yep, that’s right. My eldest son, Lucas—the one with glasses, translucently pale skin, flat feet, a strikingly noteworthy lack of athleticism, a love of science documentaries, and an odd propensity for watching Antiques Roadshow with his momma—wants to audition for the Metropolitan Boys Choir.

He brought home a form yesterday introducing the choir to Ruanita and me, and indicating that his music teacher has recommended him for an audition. I saw the form and assumed Lucas would have no interest. Laugh it off as nothing more than another barrier to his video game screen time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He wants to audition. He wants to join the choir. He wants to travel the world (or at least our little end of Minnesota here) singing for all to hear.

I must admit that, despite all genetic odds, Lucas has a nice singing voice. And he sings a lot. Sitting on the toilet. Soaking in the bathtub. Playing with his beloved Pokemon cards. Squashing Goombas on our television set. He sings constantly. He makes up odd little ditties and sings with his entire heart and soul. To date, his best grades in school have consistently been in music. As a matter of fact, his only really “good” grades have been in music.

After my initial bewilderment over Lucas’ interest in the musical arts, I have decided that I am going to encourage him wholeheartedly. Let’s be honest…we’re not going to have a professional athlete on our hands. His acting skills aren’t exactly stellar—he can’t even tell a basic lie to save his life—so there is likely not an Oscar-worthy performance in his future. The position of President of the United States requires a fairly reasonable literacy level (George W. Bush notwithstanding). So with the exception of a Jersey Shore-style reality show, he doesn’t really have a huge shot at being rich and famous. And with poor parents who would like to retire one day with a more luxurious lifestyle than we have become accustomed to, we need at least one multi-millionaire in our brood. May as well begin with the first-born—with two back-ups just in case.

So yes, Lucas can most certainly join the Metropolitan Boys Choir. We will fork over whatever fees are involved, with the hope that we will one day soon have the next Justin Bieber on our hands. I expect Bieber Fever-like frenzy in our very near future. If not full-on fever, at least a bit of a cold. A few sniffles. Some post-nasal drip. Perhaps a little Lucas Mucous?


Madgew said...

LOL. You go Lucas. This will be such fun to follow. I hope he gets accepted.

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