Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am wearing a blue shirt today. LL Bean calls this color French Blue...one of my favorite colors. As I was brushing my teeth in front of the mirror this morning, I noticed a tiny white spot above the right bosom on the shirt. It's about the size of a pin head....very small and barely noticeable. Certainly not worth trudging upstairs to change my shirt. So I wore my French Blue shirt to work today. And here I sit at my desk.....obsessing over the tiny white spot. My borderline OCD ("borderline" is a generous term) mind cannot allow my eyes to look away. That white spot, in all of its infinitesimal glory, is burning itself into my retinas. I keep staring at in, secretly hoping it will disappear. However, it remains. A tiny white speck marring a sea of beautiful French Blue fabric. The worst part about my current obsession is that the white speck sits directly above my right boob. Staring intently at that white speck, I look as though I am staring at my own boobs...checking myself out. Lovely.


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