Monday, April 12, 2010

Economics 101

Ah...the things we do to save money. I have been in desperate need of a haircut for quite a while. Finally, I decided that I couldn't take my long, stringy, dull, lifeless, gray hair for a moment longer. So I went on Saturday to get my hair cut, colored, and my brows waxed. It's spring...time to shave the legs and wax the brows. Now that I actually have to don shorts and be seen by other human beings in the light of day, it is time to rid myself of the Yeti look and make myself presentable. So I made an appointment at the Aveda Institute.

The Aveda Institute is a local "beauty college". Services are cheap in exchange for being done by students, under the direction of "style professionals." I've been there before years ago as a thrifty young woman in search of cheap services. Now that I am no longer a young woman, but rather a woman with three young mouths to feed, I find myself in search of the budget cut again. So off I went on Saturday morning for my day of beauty. Little did I know that it actually would be a day of beauty.

My appointment was at 8:30, but I was asked to arrive at 8:00am so they could do a patch test to make certain that I was not allergic to the hair dye. It did not occur to me to bring a book or a magazine and none were to be found in the waiting area. So I sat for thirty minutes people watching. It's an interesting assortment of people that frequent the Aveda Institute. The clientale consists of young, tattooed, pierced girls and old, geriatric, blue-haired women. I was the odd woman out. Finally. however, my student stylist came out to get me. I was amazed to find that I was going to get my hair done by Kelly Pickler. I was certain that it was Kelly Pickler until she opened her mouth and out came a Minnesota " betcha" in place of the hillbilly drawl I expected to hear. Oh well....

My student spent no less than 30 minutes discussing what I wanted to have done, filling out various forms, and consulting with her instructor. I was asked to sign a waiver, exempting Aveda from responsibility in the event that my student stylist inadvertently turned me into a freakish monstrosity. Finally, an hour after arriving at the salon, I began getting my hair colored. a matter of fact, her name really was Kelly...was meticulous in her coloring technique. I believe that she colored each strand of hair individually....or so it seemed. I had my glasses off, so I was totally blind. And I had someone massaging my head. That combination nearly put me into a coma. I truly had to fight to stay awake. Finally, the coloring was done and the 30 minutes "setting" time began.

I never really understood why they color first and cut second. It seems to make no sense since I was then getting six inches of that newly-colored hair subsequently chopped off and thrown in the trash. It would seem more economical to cut first and color second. But who am I to question it? I'm not exactly a style maven.

After getting my color done, Kelly cut my hair with several pauses along the way to consult with her instructor. I was a bit concerned because her instructor reminded me quite a bit of Elvira. She had dyed jet-black hair that stood up no less that seven inches on top of her head. She was dressed all in black, with black painted fingernails, and pale white skin. She had the largest hair I have ever seen on another human being this side of a Poison video, circa 1987. But I must admit, she was extremely friendly and seemed to be a whiz with a pair of scissors. She spoke in terms that seemed to hint at a proficiency in geometry...forward-flowing layers, vertical cuts, diagonal cuts, continuing the angle.

Finally, four hours and 15 minutes after arriving at the Aveda Institute, my day of beauty was complete. I have to say...despite my initial hesitation, Kelly Pickler and Elvira gave me a great cut and color. It took quite a bit longer than I anticipated, but the extra time paid off. I am extremely happy with the services I received. My hair smelled great...I love Aveda products. And...I only paid $60 for an all-over color, haircut, and brow wax. Not too shabby...not too shabby at all! If you have an entire day to waste, I recommend the Aveda Institute for economically sound beauty services. I think I am going to schedule a massage next...I could definitely handle a four-hour massage!





Jennifer said...

60.00 for all that! Thats great! Nice to do something nice for yourself, NOW WE WANT PICTURES! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! It looks GREAT on you

Angie Rehnelt said...

Super cute hair, Shannon! Love the cut! :)

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