Monday, April 12, 2010

Tales of a urine soaked mom....

I got peed on again last night. At some point, I hope that my children will reach the age where this is no longer a concern I have to worry about. However, for the time being, I must issue a warning to anyone coming to visit me. There is a very real danger of being peed on at my house.

Ruanita took Lucas to a birthday party yesterday. While they were gone, the twins and I went to my sister Jennifer's house to go walking with her. It was a absolutely gorgeous spring day. We walked from my sister's house across the Ford Parkway bridge to a playground. The kids played for quite a while and then we walked back. It was a pretty lengthy walk, so the kids' poor little legs were exhausted by the time we got back. They both fell asleep in the car within minutes of leaving my sister's house. When we got home, I carried the kids in one by one and laid them on the couch. Neither of them even stirred.

Being the quick-thinking mom I am, I immediately doubled-up a towel and placed it under Sophie's bottom. She is completely potty trained, but still has a tendency to wet her pants when she is asleep. Nicholas still wears a pull-up, so I wasn't concerned about him. As expected, within 20 minutes of napping on the couch, I looked over to see Sophie's little jeans soaking wet. I grabbed her some dry clothes and woke her to change her clothes. She didn't need to sleep long anyway, or bedtime would be a complete disaster. And I didn't want her little bottom to chafe...wet jeans aren't exactly comfortable. She was groggy and half asleep still when she stood up to get her pants changed. I pulled off her wet jeans and underwear. As I was getting ready to put her clean underwear on, she dribbled a bit. I stopped and asked if she needed to go sit on the potty to finish peeing. "No, momma." Was she sure? "No, momma. I don't have to pee." I believed her because it certainly looked like she had emptied a full bladder on her jeans. So I continued to put her underwear on. As I had her underwear pulled up to her knees, Sophie began to pee. And not a tiny dribble this time...a full on gusher. Apparently, her bladder was still filled to capacity. I grabbed the towel she had been laying on and tried to wrap it around her like a diaper... attempting to catch the pee in the towel. But I was too late. My jeans were drenched. The floor was drenched. The clean clothes I was preparing to put on Sophie were drenched. And the pee kept coming! I panicked and grabbed Sophie up to rush her to the bathroom. Bad idea. You really shouldn't pick up a child mid-stream. Being half asleep and crying by this point, she was unable to control herself. She peed on my shirt all the way to the bathroom. She then proceeded to pee on the bathroom rug, the toilet, and......the shower curtain??? When all was said and done, I smelled of urine, had a huge mess to clean up, and needed to console a little girl who was crying hysterically because she had lost control of her bladder and had been man-handled by a panicky mom.

Moral of the story: No good can come from rousing a sleeping child. Children look innocent and sweet when they are sleeping to entice us to leave them that way!


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