Monday, April 26, 2010

Brotherly love...

My nephew, Jonah, stayed at my house this weekend while his mother was away on a scrapbooking trip up north. I love my nephew. He really is a good kid. However, he has an uncanny ability to raise the energy level in my household least. I am not sure actually if it is Jonah himself that has this effect....or if it is simply the introduction of a fourth child into the mix. Perhaps four children is the threshold for insanity? If so, I feel for my poor mother who raised four children on her own.

My little Nicholas worships his cousin Jonah. Jonah is the same age as years old. Nicholas follows Jonah around like a little lost puppy dog. He wants to wear what Jonah wears. He wants to eat what Jonah eats. He wants to talk and move and act like Jonah in every way. In a way, it is quite endearing to see. On the flipside, however, Nicky can get himself in big trouble emulating his boisterous older cousin.

Lucas, on the other hand, does NOT worship Jonah in the same way Nicholas does. Jonah is only two months older than Lucas and they have been thrust together since the time they were born. Sometimes they get along smashingly. Most of the time, however, they fight like I have never seen two children fight in my life. They are very different little boys with very different personalities. I adore them both, but wonder sometimes if they are too different to be friends. Of course, since Jonah's mom is my sister and one of my best friends on this Earth, they are going to have find a way to get along because they will continue to be put together for a long, long time to come.

Yesterday afternoon, Lucas came into the living room looking rather forlorn. When we asked him what was bothering him, he said that he was upset because Nicky loves Jonah more than he loves him. The look on Lucas' face broke my heart a little bit. However, at the same time, it was kind of heart-warming to know that Lucas is actually concerned about having Nicky's love and devotion. I tried explaining to Lucas that Jonah is a novelty. Jonah is loud and boisterous and fun...always the life of the party. Of course Nicky is attracted to him. However, Jonah can never be to Nicholas what Lucas is. Jonah will never, no matter how exciting he is, be Nicky's brother. I explained that brotherhood is a special bond. Nicky and Lucas will be brothers until the day they die. When push comes to shove, your brothers and sisters are the ones who will never leave you. They are the ones that will support you, take care of you. They are the ones with which you share a common bond...a common history. They are the only ones who really understand how crazy your parents are. They are the ones with the ability to know what you are thinking without you ever having to say a word. For better or worse, they are yours for life.

I explained all this to Lucas. I am not certain that he understood everything I was saying. He is only seven years old, after all. However, one day he will know. One day he will understand that Nicky and Sophie love him unconditionally in a way that no one else ever will. One day he will know that he has Nicky's undivided devotion....regardless of whether or not Nicky actually admits it.


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