Sunday, April 25, 2010

Body Wash

I have no brand loyalty when it comes to body wash. I have yet to find a body wash that puts me into a state of ecstasy the way Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo does. As a result, I buy whatever body wash is on sale or smells good to me at the time. Yes, I am THAT woman standing in the aisle at Target opening all the bottles to sniff them.

This week I bought Dial body wash. It was a pretty shade of blue and smelled decent. Yesterday, as I was reaching for the body wash in the shower, I noticed through squinted eyes that the bottle said "antibacterial." I had inadvertently bought antibacterial body wash. This worries me. I was a psychology major in college and do not really consider myself science savvy in any way. However, if I recall correctly, all human beings have bacteria on their bodies at all times. We are covered with bacteria that is at least harmless, and probably beneficial. Right? So then what happens if I use antibacterial body wash and kill all the "good" bacteria on my body? Am I opening myself up for disease? My children are little snot-nosed germ factories. By killing all the bacteria on my body, am I creating an entrance for some antibiotic-resistant, pediatric, giant, super-bug? Antibiotic resistance is a real issue we should worry about, right? So now I am imagining all of the poor little bacteria on my body dying a horribly painful death (can bacteria feel pain?) and falling to the ground. I should vacuum this afternoon. See...these are the bizarre and unhealthy places my mind visits on a daily basis.

I think a trip to Target is in order today.


Shari said...

Target has a Target brand body wash that is a bright pink/corally color that smells DEVINE! It's a knock off of a Caress Tahitian something or other and mentions pomegranate on the label. Give it a sniff!

Shannon Ralph said...

Thanks for the tip Shari! I will definitely check it out! :)

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