Friday, April 23, 2010


I realized something today that left me feeling a little wistful and weepy. Since Sophie first learned to talk, she has always referred to her brother Nicky as "Icky." I absolutely adored that she called him this, and even began calling him Icky myself. It fits him. He is very much an Icky. However, listening to the kids chatter away today, I realized that Sophie is now calling her brother "Nicky". He is Icky no more. I found that this made me surprisingly sad. I don't need more evidence that my babies are growing up. I am surrounded by it every day. From Nicky being a master of the Sophie's constant need to "help" Lucas' eye rolls and insistence that I am an absolute idiot. Every minute of every day, they are growing up. Yesterday, Lucas told me a long drawn-out story about the origin of volcanoes. When did he learn to speak so intelligently...and so eloquently? And for the last two nights, my bed has been kid-free. Sophie has stayed in her own bed for two nights now. I am not going to get my hopes up, but perhaps we have turned a corner? Don't tell Ruanita, but I have to admit to missing her little sweaty body in my bed a tiny bit....a teeny tiny bit. And Nicholas...he will forever and always be my baby. However, even my little Nicky has been asking me lately to stop calling him by my little pet names for him. He has informed me that his name is "Nicky" and I should address him as such. No more Icky...or Nicky Noo-Noo...or Nick-Nick...or Nicky Picky Poopy Pie Who Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry...

Come on least let me keep my silly little terms of endearment. Throw your old momma a bone here!


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