Monday, April 26, 2010

Calm before the storm....?

Ruanita and I finally got around to talking with Lucas last night about summer school. We had held off a bit because we had been in discussion with his teacher and were considering not sending him and working intensely with him at home on his reading and writing instead....a plan his teacher fully supported. In the end, however, we decided that summer school really would be the best option, so we went about the task last night of explaining our decision to Lucas.

I expected tears. I expected screams. I expected crossed arms and eventual silent defiance. Lucas is not exactly a kid who jumps out of bed eager to go to school every morning. I braced myself for the worst. Instead, I got pleasant agreement. I got complete and total acceptance of our decision. I got affable acquiescence. What the hell?! Surely the boy did not understand the scope of what we were telling him! Ruanita even got out the calendar and explained to him exactly what days he would be attending school....five weeks from the end of June to the end of July. Four days a week. Six hours a day. With different kids. In a different school (four schools in the district are combining their summer school programs at one site to same money). He just stared blankly at the calendar, smiling and nodding. The only question he asked at all is if he would be going back to Hale (his school) after summer school was over. When we assured him that yes, indeed, he would be back at his school with his friends for second grade, he was fine with the whole thing. Yes, he is much more of a go-with-the-flow kid than I ever was. I would have been traumatized for life if I was told I had to attend summer school. But Lucas appears to be unfazed by it all. Huh?!?

Perhaps this is merely the calm before the storm? Perhaps Lucas has already worked out an evil plan in his scheming little brain? Perhaps he is agreeing with us in a twisted plot to ambush us on the first day of summer school? I have visions of complete and total refusal to go to school come the last week in June. I suspect he is saving his kicking and screaming for that first day of summer school. He can't be this agreeable. It can't be this easy.

Can it?


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