Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday, the twins and I had a conversation about our family in the car on the way to pick Lucas up from school. They were listing the full names of the people in our family. Lucas Matthew Pierce Ralph....Sophie Elizabeth Pierce-Ralph.....Nicholas Arnold Pierce-Ralph....Molly Moo-Moo Pierce-Ralph (the cat). They stopped after that, apparently having exhausted the family list. I said, "Hey! What about me? I'm in the family. What's my name?" They both responded immediately with Momma Pierce-Ralph. some point, I have stopped being Shannon. Apparently, I have even stopped being a Ralph. I am now a Pierce-Ralph. Momma Pierce-Ralph. And Ruanita? She is Mom Pierce-Ralph, according to Sophie and Nicky. So there you have it....Shannon and Ruanita no longer exist. They only live on in our memories now. The good old days...back when we were individuals...back when we were just a couple....those days are gone forever. No, we're no longer Shannon and Ruanita. We are Sophie, Nicky, and Lucas' MOMS. Feel free to address us as such.


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