Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nicky's Latest Obsession

Nicholas has discovered a new obsession....Scotch tape. Ruanita made the mistake recently of letting him hang some of his pictures that he had colored on the living room wall. Since then, he has become obsessed with hanging his pictures. Our house is now covered with Nicky's "artwork"...and I use that term quite loosely. He will draw one line or one tiny squiggle on a piece of paper and then bring it to me proudly like he had just painted the Mona Lisa. I usually give him a piece of tape...I can't exactly deny him now that Ruanita has initiated this insanity. I can't let him think that she appreciates his art, but I do not. So I give in and reluctantly hand him a piece of tape. Nicholas' artwork is now covering the living room walls, the refrigerator, his bedroom door, Sophie's bedroom door, his bedroom walls. My house looks like the prison cell of a madman. To the unknowing eye, it looks as if my house is papered with the scribblings of a lunatic. I have tried stopping the Scotch tape cold turkey. That was a disaster. Nicholas cried. Nicholas screamed. Nicholas railed against the injustice of it all. I caught him with his hand in the junk drawer sneaking a alcoholic sneaks a sip or a bulimic sneaks a cupcake. I eventually gave in and handed him some shut him up, if nothing else. I need a plan. I need a program. Going cold turkey does not work. Perhaps I can find a 12-step program of some sort. Or a support group? Tapers Anonymous? PAST (Parents Against Scotch Taping)? SPA (Stop Preschool Art)? STAN (Stop Tape Addiction Now)? Or my personal favorite...SHIT! (Stop Hanging It...Today!).


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This It Too Funny!

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