Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pity Party

I am sick. Every single fiber of my being wanted to stay home in bed today, but I am off work tomorrow and I thought it would not look proper if I called in sick the day before my 3-day weekend. Yes...apparently I worry about being "proper." So here I sit at my desk, sipping my latte from Caribou (screw budgets today!). I will warn you in advance....because I am sick, this blog entry will likely be neither witty nor creative. It will probably involve a fair amount of whining and an abundance of self-pity. Feel free to stop reading now if you so choose. If you continue, please note that you have been warned. Though I feel like complete and total crap right now, I am going to blog anyway because I am a dedicated blogger now. Ok...that's not entirely true. I am blogging this morning because the alternative is unthinkable....actually working at work today. Oohh..I shudder at the thought.

So exactly what is wrong with me, you would like to know? I am pretty certain I have a sinus infection. The entire left side of my head, including my teeth, aches. My throat hurts, but only on the left. The glands in the left side of my neck feel as though they are going to explode through the wall of my neck like some graphic scene from the movie Alien. At this point, I wouldn't mind that if it provided me with some relief. I have just enough of a tickle in my throat to feel that I constantly need to clear my throat, but not enough to work up a real productive cough that might garner sympathy from my coworkers. I will refrain from mentioning the snot, for the benefit of my readers. So here I sit, feeling miserable and lamenting the state of my world right now.

The NCAA tournament starts today. I would love nothing more than to go home from work and lay on the couch and watch basketball all evening. Perhaps get some good steaming hot soup from Turtle Bread and a nice crusty roll. Put on my jammies....curl up with a fleece blankie. Get a little cold medicine-induced high going. Ahhh...heavenly. Unfortunately, the odds of that happening are slim to none. When I get off work today, I have to pick up Lucas from school, then drive to Hastings to get Sophie and Nicky. Ruanita has to go into work early today for a seminar of some sort, so she is taking the kids to my mom's house this morning. After driving all the way to Hastings (for those of you in Kentucky who read this blog, Hastings is equivalent to driving from Owensboro to Beaver Dam), I have to then feed them a quick dinner (I see Happy Meals in our future) and get us all ready to go to the twins' class tonight. Personally, I wouldn't mind skipping class tonight. I love our ECFE class and I really, truly enjoy the other parents in the class. However, if there was ever a day to skip it, today is that day. Unfortunately, Sophie and Nicky look forward to class all week. And they KNOW that today is Thursday. I don't see a way out of it. So I will sit in class tonight....cross-legged on the floor....feeling miserable...missing the basketball games...singing songs about Itsy Bitsy Spiders and Looking Through My Window. Perhaps, if I am lucky, my neck will explode between now and then.


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