Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing At All Happened

I'm not sure what to write about this morning. Absolutely nothing of interest has happened to me since my last blog entry. I debated writing about Sophie taking a two-hour nap yesterday afternoon that kept her from being able to go to bed last night and caused her to eventually go to bed with me at 10:00pm last night. However, Sophie's sleep woes are old news and something I have already written about in this blog.

I considered writing about how Lucas cried hysterically and made an utter fool of himself when I picked him up from school yesterday simply because I told him we had to quickly run to the Target Pharmacy to pick up mommy's prescription. He simply wanted to go home. However, I have written about his borderline obsessive homebody tendencies before...so that is old news as well.

I thought perhaps I would share a story about my quest for something exciting to cook for dinner last night that ultimately ended in a dinner of frozen waffles. However, you have all heard me lament about my children's eating habits. I don't want to bore you with those details again.

I briefly considered describing for you the myriad of ways in which my sinus and yeast infections have made my week unpleasant. However, I believe that I overstepped the boundaries of good taste sharing those details yesterday. No need to rehash my TMI post.

I could write about the two huge baskets of laundry sitting in my bedroom waiting to be folded and put away. I have tried to pretend they do not exist. I have tried to wish them away. However...there they remain. Ever vigilant. Mocking me. Ok...not the most exciting thing to write about. In the words of Nicholas, "boooooooorrrrriiiiing."

Hmmm...how sad is it that absolutely nothing happened to me yesterday worthy of writing about in this blog? I guess I should be relieved that nothing of monumental importance happened. There is something to be said for mundane days. However, they certainly do not lend themselves to intriguing blog entries. Oh well....today is a new day. We will see what domestic drama awaits me today....


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