Monday, March 22, 2010

I have decided that the marketing gurus in charge of all things baby-related have a vendetta against the parents of twins. Why else would they make Pull-ups gender-specific? My options are Buzz Lightyear or Princesses. I can buy the blue bag or the pink bag. Nicholas does not want to wear princess pull-ups and Sophie absolutely refuses to wear pull-ups that are made to look like boys' underwear, complete with decorative "pocket." She only wears pull-ups to bed, whereas Nicholas wears them throughout the day. I tried explaining to Sophie that no one will know she is wearing a 'boy" pull-up because she will be in bed. However, being too sophisticated for her own good, Sophie soberly responded, "But I will know." How can I argue with that? So...what is the mother of boy/girl twins to do? I am considering instituting a "naked" policy in our house. No more diapers...pull-ups...clothes. Imagine the stress I could avoid. I could circumvent laundry altogether, saving myself hours upon hours of folding clothes. I am going to suggest it to the fam...see what kind of response I get....


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