Thursday, February 04, 2010

Momma needs a hobby....

I need a hobby. Right now, the only "hobby" I have is eating. It's easily accessible, portable, and I have to admit...I am damn good at it. Unfortunately, all that eating is not very conducive to losing weight...which I am making a concerted effort to do right now. So I have to come up with a less destructive hobby. The problem is that I have no real skill set....and barely any interests. I can't knit. I am not crafty. I used to be a voracious reader, but since having the twins, I have the attention span of a kindergartner at the opera. The minute I pick up a book, my mind starts to wander, my eyes begin to droop, and I am snoring in a matter of minutes. I have discovered lately that I enjoy baking and I am actually pretty good at it. I make a mean marble cheesecake and a sour cream apple pie that is borderline sinful. Unfortunately, I eat everything I bake, so that is not a very productive habit right now either. I have considered taking up smoking and drinking, but I just don't know that "smelly lush" is really any better than overweight and sedentary. So...the search for a hobby continues.

I am what is termed an "emotional eater." The minute I am even remotely emotionally distraught, my mind immediately turns to food. This morning as I was getting ready for work, Ruanita and I were kind of crabbing at each other. By Thursday, she is so incredibly sleep-deprived that it is difficult to have a conversation with her. And I am perpetually running late in the morning, a habit that I am sure annoys her to no end. So she was sporting an exhausted frown and I was frantic and rushing around....not a good combination. So the minute we started crabbing at one another, my mind immediately turned to an asiago bagel from Brueggers with bacon and cheddar cheese. Crazy, huh? I managed to avoid the bagel this morning...partly because I was running so late. However, I find that happening to me a lot. My mind immediately turns to food. Sophie has an "accident" in her underwear? Hmmmm...garlic toast. Lucas hits his brother? Milk duds. Nicholas refuses to put on long pants even though it is 10 degrees below zero outside? Mmmm....sour cream and onion potato chips. It's a sickness.

Yea...momma needs a hobby. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Brooks' hobby is researching what his new hobby is going to be. He's spent the last week trying to decide what kind of musical instrument he wants to learn. It's a great hobby, requires only an internet connection and he never has to actually DO anything. - hw

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