Friday, February 05, 2010

A little friendly competition....

My mother is coming to my house this afternoon to play Scrabble. Would I sound incredibly sad and pathetic if I said that this is probably the highlight of my week? I LOVE Scrabble and I have to admit that I am quite good at it. I have yet to find anyone who can really beat me. Now, I know that sounds rather conceited and boastful. However, I have very few skills, so I am going to embrace my Scrabble's all I've got. When I was in my early 20s, I worked the midnight shift at a children's psychiatric hospital. Though it occasionally got exciting, many a night was spent trying to stay awake by playing games. I honed my Scrabble skills playing against one of the best. If you are out there anywhere, Reggie, I prostrate myself before you.

Scrabble is the perfect game. One person against one person. Matching wits. Vocabulary against vocabulary. There is nothing in the world more exciting than making a seven letter word...using a Q...on the elusive triple word score. Quarries? Quitter? Quivers? Speaking of quivers, the thought of it makes me quiver with anticipation. Again, pathetic but true. I love getting the Q...the Z...the X. The scoring possibilities are endless with these little point-heavy gems. I have even been known to work magic with a J.

I have been informed that my mother has been practicing and plans on beating me this afternoon. It's highly unlikely. However, I must admit that she is the best competition I have ever played. All those years with her nose in a book...she's developed quite the vocabulary. It doesn't hurt that she is a crossword puzzle fiend. So...if anyone is going to beat me, it'll probably be her. So I have to be on my best game this afternoon. I have to be alert and focused. I need to be a pillar of concentration. Sorry kids...mommy is busy with more important matters than you this afternoon. Am I competitive? Yes. Am I TOO competitive? Perhaps.

On a completely and totally unrelated note....I hate snow. And slush.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, my mom is unable to make it to my house to play Scrabble this afternoon. She has a migraine headache. Likely excuse, I say. We all know the truth, Shirl. Admit it. You are terrified of my ninja-like Scrabble skills. I will let you off the hook for today, but know this...the day will come when we will meet across a Scrabble board. A battle of wits will ensue....lettered tiles will fly...and you WILL go down.


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