Friday, February 05, 2010

Private time...

As I write this, Sophie is sitting on the toilet screaming at Nicky in the shrillest voice I have ever heard, "This is private time! Get out of here!" Private? There is nothing private in this house. Apparently, Sophie has no problem bathing with her brothers like she did this evening, but toilet time is private. Weird. I wouldn't mind having a little bit of "private time" myself. I would love to use the bathroom in private. I suspect peeing is a totally different experience when you don't have someone asking you to kiss their boo-boo while you're sitting on the toilet. And what about showering? We have two bathrooms in this house, but it never fails that someone has to come in and use the potty while I am in the shower. Oh...and wouldn't a "private" meal be nice? I would love to eat a meal without having a running commentary on what I am eating. "Ooh, mom. That smells yucky!" "Broccoli is gross (or "gwoss", if it's Nicky commenting)." And what about the beggars? Do I really have to share every meal? Tonight, Sophie was begging me for some of my stir fry. Except, she wanted no vegetables, no chicken, and no sauce. Just rice, please. So I spent most of my meal dissecting the stir fry to pull out spoonfuls of dry, sauceless rice to share with Sophie. Somehow, the meal lost a little bit of its allure....and it didn't have much to spare.

Not only would I like a little bit more "private time" would be sheer pleasure if my kiddos would keep a few more things to themselves, as well. For example....boogers should always be private. I think most adults would agree. The cleaning of one's nose should be done behind closed door. And never...EVER...should you hand a booger to someone. Here's a little insider's tip...if Sophie ever tries to hand you something, REFUSE IT. It is NOTHING that you me. Itchy private parts should also be kept private, as the name of those parts suggests. Lucas, I don't need to know every time your butt itches. Please just excuse yourself and go scratch it. And please, don't EVER ask me to scratch it for you. I love you dearly and would do most anything for you...but I have limits. And Nicholas...I certainly don't want to leave him out. It's bad enough he is still in a diaper at 3 and a half. But is it really necessary for him to ask me to describe his bowel movements for him? "Mommy, is it a big poopy or an teensy poopy?" And my personal favorite, "You will be careful when you wipe my poopy?"

Is it too much to ask for a few boundaries? I day they will be throwing up boundaries left and right. They will keep everything private and I will be begging to be a part of their lives. The thought of that makes me very sad. I am trying to enjoy every minutes that I have with them. Every sloppy kiss. Every "I love you." Every snuggle. Every tickle. Tonight, I couldn't get enough of the sweet smell of their freshly-bathed skin. I am told that this time flies by. I want to savor it.

However, at least for now, I could use a little less boogers and poop.


Jennifer said...

This is so cute and so true, very funny too! Oh just think of the nice stories you will get to share with them when they are older about boogers and poop! lol. We have some nice stories of our own that we all laugh about now that the kids are older... they've out grown some of the stuff but the boys still love to share their farts!Dont think they will ever out grow that one, their dad sure hasnt, lol.

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