Friday, February 12, 2010

Hair woes...

I can't take it anymore. We had a gameplan in place. The child is not cooperating. We are done.

As of tomorrow morning, Sophie's hair will once again have bangs. We are returning to the classic banged bob. Sorry, grandma....I know you think she would look beautiful with long flowing locks of one length. I agree wholeheartedly. However, Sophie cannot find it within her defiant little soul to cooperate with the hair barrettes necessary to keep her bangs out of her eyes until they grow out. She's a tomboy at heart. Try as I might, I can't change's her nature. She may occasionally like to dress up in a pretty dress, but her true passion is running topless through the house with the boys screaming like a lunatic. And she is not above a good wrestling match....she can definitely hold her own with her brothers. As a result, her hair hangs in her eyes ALL of the time. It gets in her food. It gets coated in snot. Add to that the winter static that fuses her hair to her face, and it is just more than this anal mom can handle. I am weak. I can't take it a minute longer. We are heading to Kids' Hair tomorrow. Bye-bye lovely locks. Hello boyish bob.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Shannon - it's Cathy from DWLZ. I looove reading your blog - it's so funny, touching, inspiring - and *really* well written! WTG!

Anonymous said...

*See above* - I should have clarified - it's Girliepurple. ;-) I had a "Mary Ann from the Little Rascals" cut when I was a kid too! LOL So your DD will have long hair when she's older, whatever! Post pics of the new 'do!

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