Friday, April 29, 2016

An Ode to Nasal Hair

Oh, nasal hairs, you lovable lout!
I never once thought of you
until you fell out.
Now I heartily miss you
every day.
I wish I had the
words to say
just how much
you meant to me,
you sadly overlooked
carpenter bee. 
Always working,
always true,
always there for me
when I needed you.
Collecting moisture,
not allowing it to drip
onto my unsuspecting lap
with a slosh and a slip.
Keeping that snot
firmly entrenched in my nose,
and not on my laptop
and not on my clothes. 
Spring is tough
on a nose like mine,
but you always saved the day
working overtime.
I miss you so,
I can't sufficiently express
how you've left a hole in my heart
and my nose under duress.
I hope to see you
once again, one day.
growing healthily and happily
in my nasal passageway.
Until that time,
please know you are missed.
I love you, nasal hairs,
now grow back before I get pissed!


Madge Woods said...
How can you not support a woman who writes like this on nasal hairs? Any amount helps as bills are rolling on.

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