Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sophie's Book

My six-year-old daughter, Sophie, has this book that she writes in. Every night when she climbs into bed, she pulls her book out. I am not sure where the book came from. Maybe I bought it for her. Maybe grandma gave it to her. Honestly, I don't remember. I have never really paid much attention to Sophie's book. I guess I figured she was just scribbling pictures of butterflies or flowers in it. Like the dozens of scraps of paper that litter every flat surface in her bedroom. Frankly, her “art” is taking over our house. So I never paid much attention to that little book. I was vaguely happy that it was in a bound book and not scattered around my house, but other than that, I gave it absolutely zilch in the way of thought.

Last night, however, I found myself examining her little book. I had gone into Sophie's room after she fell asleep to turn off her bedside lamp. Her book was lying on her nightstand. Dangling perilously over the edge of the table. I picked it up to keep it from smashing onto the floor and began to casually flip through the pages.

My six-year-old daughter has, completely of her own accord, created a gratitude journal, of sorts. In her book, she has written the things she likes. The people she loves. The things that bring her joy. A different page for every day. A different item she loves for every page. Every night when my daughter climbs into bed, she grabs that book without fail and writes down something she loves. How freaking amazing is that?!

Since a little gratitude never hurt anyone--especially this time of year--I thought I would share a few of my daughter's drawings. These are the musings of a six-year-old little girl. When I grow up, I want to be just like my Sophie.

The Book

I love you, mom.

My brother Lucas is funny.

I love my stuffed animal dog a lot.

I like to draw.

I like my dog Stella a lot.

I love my room.

When I grow up I am going to get a dog.

You are the best family I could have.
(Awwww...she drew both her mommas and both her brothers.)

I like to play with my mom.

I like to make art.

I like funny books.

I love trees.
(My personal favorite!)

I like you and you like me.

I like to sing.

I love to see you mom when you are home.

I love Christmas.

My brother Nicky is funny.

I love Santa.

I love my mom more than she does.


Madgew said...

WOW when she sees this years from now and learns you snooped she will be pissed. But, so be it. A mom's job is never done. I love this book. What an amazing find. I hope you put it back exactly as you found it. A good idea when snooping. :)

Barb said...

Will she be more pissed that you snooped or that you shared it all with the world? :) I am trying to find my balance with this myself... now that Sam is increasingly aware of how much I share with other mommies about him. I'm starting to think maybe as he gets older and it will be harder and harder for him to share with me, I should keep more and more of it sacred. It's not easy to do when I adore him so much and so many of the things he says entertain and thrill me, but I'm starting to realize that the stuff he says to me has to be held close at some point or he'll stop sharing. A writing mentor of mine once told me that in writing you sometimes have to choose between the work (the writing) and the relationship, and I'm starting to realize that will be the case with my children some day too.

Jessica said...

First off, that is simply amazing! Wonderful stuff, I'm getting a little misty over here. Is that a private journal or will she care that you looked? Hopefully it is something she wouldn't mind sharing because it really is wonderful.

Melissa said...

That is so awesome, Shannon. You have an amazing daughter that already has a heart of gratitude. It will be something she probably will do every night before she goes to bed for a long time. What an amazing and powerful thing for her mind, her attitude, her health. I got goose bumps reading this blog.

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