Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Everyone is doing it.  And you know me...I can't buck a trend.  So here goes. Below is a list (in verse form, for your reading pleasure) of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season. This list is not all-inclusive, or in any particular order, but these are the things I cannot seem to get enough of at the moment.

My dog's velvety ears, Downton Abbey,
Kids with opinions, a daughter who’s crabby.

eBooks and peanut butter and sugar babies,
Fried chicken and cornbread and biscuits with gravy.

Diet Pepsi, memory foam, Bailey’s on the rocks,
Quilts, blankets, sweaters, and warm, fuzzy socks.

Online Christmas shopping and packages in the mail,
Pumpkin flavored anything and my dog’s dancing tail.

White chocolate, cheesecake (any flavor at all),
Chubby cheeks and toothless grins and babies who crawl.

Crayola crayons, Kohl’s Cash,
Expensive pens, waves that crash.

Working from home and vacation days,
Laughs with my family and orange bouquets.

Snuggles and kisses and sticky, messy hugs,
Sleeping bags and movie nights and plush shaggy rugs.

Target and Legos and colorful scarves to wear,
A son who always sings, a son who always talks, a wife who’s always there.

Teaching my children to bake cookies, cakes, and pies,
The chill in the air and the gray in the skies.

Words as power, words as cure, curse words to make me feel better,
Cursive writing, penmanship, handwritten letters.

Christmas music in the coffee shop,
The Lumineers, Adele and Kidz Bop.

Combing my daughter's hair as she lays in my lap,
My iPod and my SmartPhone and new snazzy apps.

Cowlicks, sweatshirts, and Thesaurus.com,
Being a daughter, being a sister, being a wife and being a mom.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family
to yours.


Madgew said...

Dark chocolate for me and diet coke. And my grand kids. You are so creative with your writing and now poems.

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