Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hard Core Hero Worship

I am currently the happy recipient of some pretty hard-core hero worship. It’s not something I am used to. I am sure it is going to be short-lived, so I am going to milk it for all it’s worth for the time being. My daughter, Sophie, is completely enamored of me. And frankly, I don’t mind.

Just this past weekend, I got my hair colored and highlighted. I needed to cover the copious amounts of gray hair that have popped out since I gave up the leisurely life of a peon part-time employee and moved into a position where I am expected to possess a brain in my skull. When Sophie saw my new hair color, she was extremely excited to see that my hair was a bit closer in shade to her own. She actually did a little dance for joy.

Last week, as I was tucking Sophie into bed, we had the following conversation:

Sophie: I wish I wore glasses, momma.
Me: Why do you want to wear glasses?
Sophie: Because you do.
Me: Oh, honey, you don’t want to be blind like me.
Sophie: But I want to wear glasses so I can look like you.
Me: Well, I got mine when I was in second grade, so there is a good change you might need them one day soon.
Sophie: How long until I am in second grade?
Me: You’ll be in second grade way too soon.
Sophie: (HUGE grin)

Sunday in Target, the conversation went like this:

Sophie: Mommy, why don’t you ever wear dresses?
Me: I do sometimes, just not real often.
Sophie: You only have one dress and you never wear it.
Me: True. I don’t have many occasions to wear a dress. Why do you want me to wear dresses, Sophie?
Sophie: Because I like dresses and I want to look like you.

And then just last night, we had the following conversation:

Sophie: Momma, I want to live with you forever, okay?
Me: That’s fine with me. Why do you want to live with me forever?
Sophie: Because me and you are just the same so we should live together.
Me: Oh, we’re the same, huh?
Sophie: Yea, we are.
Me: How are we the same?
Sophie: Your hair is the same color as my hair. We both like to read books. We both like flowers. We both are smart. We both like pink. We both like dogs.
Me: Wow. We are the same, huh?
Sophie: (grinning) Yep, just the same!

So there you have it. My poor, misguided daughter worships me. She wants to be with me forever. She thinks I can do no wrong. In her defense, she is only five years old and does not have a fully developed intellect yet. However, despite her underdeveloped ego and immature sense of self, I fully welcome the hero worship. It has been a looooong time since anyone thought I could do no wrong. Now that I think of it, I don’t think anyone has ever thought that of me. In all honesty, it feels good.

I will take unwavering adulation whenever and wherever I can get it.


Madgew said...

This made me smile. Can't wait to meet all these little darlings. The time is soon.

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