Monday, September 26, 2011

Scooby Snacks

We are on week three of kindergarten and I think my son has a girlfriend. Or at least a little admirer. He doesn't know her name. He doesn't know the names of most of the kids in his class. He tells me she has brown skin and black hair. She sits at his table. The blue table. And she is nice to him. She is "very nice" to him.

Last week, his little admirer informed him that she is coming to his house. Uninvited. Unannounced. She plans on just showing up one day. Apparently, they were having a spirited conversation over snacks on the playground. Nicholas told this little girl that he has pretzels at his house. And Scooby snacks. She informed him, with her hand on her hips no doubt, “I've never tasted Scooby snacks. I am going to come to your house and try them.” Nicholas, confronted by this bold and brazen feminine creature he has never experienced before, simply nodded in agreement with his mouth hanging open, as men the world over have learned to do. His first lesson in the fine art of women.

Today, Ruanita is volunteering is Sophie and Nicholas' classroom. I sent her to school with an assignment. A mission, if you will. Check out this forward little hussy and report back posthaste.

A mommy needn't be lax about little girls wanting to taste her baby's Scooby snacks.


Madgew said...

So cute. I like aggressive women and it can't start early enough for me. :)

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