Thursday, November 11, 2010

STILL crabby...

Well, the crabbiness has not eased up one iota. Right now I am sitting in the living room on my laptop trying to avoid the mess lurking in my kitchen. My sister asked me to bake a cake for my nephew's birthday party this weekend. I decided to bake it this evening. My kitchen sink is full of dirty bowls, whisks, spoons, measuring cups, etc. And just now, I realized that the freaking dishwasher is flashing green. Meaning....I have to empty the cursed thing before I can fill it up with the new dirty dishes. I despise emptying the dishwasher with a passion that runs deep and wide. I would rather wash all the dishes by hand than empty that vile contraption.

As if that looming task is not enough, it is 8:35 at night and my children will not stay in their beds. And I have not eaten dinner yet. And there is nothing to eat in my house. At least nothing quick to eat...nothing that does not require preparation and the dirtying of even more dishes. And I am not allowed to order anything with the wretched new budget we have agreed upon. No Chinese food. No pizza.

So here I sit...growing progressively crabbier as my stomach growls and the scent of the chocolate cake batter on my dirty dishes wafts in from the kitchen. Ruanita will be home from work at 11:00pm. So I have exactly two hours and twenty-five minutes to get the kitchen cleaned up. If I were a braver woman, I would simply leave the mess and go upstairs to bed. However, that would likely end in a nasty divorce when Ruanita came home to find the mess. And I simply do not have the energy for a prolonged custody battle. Plus, we share a sock drawer. That could get ugly. No, I have to clean it up. No choice.

Stupid dishwasher.

Stupid budget.

Stupid sock drawer.

Grrrr....two hours and nineteen minutes....and counting.


Jessica said...

I can totally relate to hating to empty the dishwasher. You wouldn't think it would be that big of a deal but I think I hate it as much as you do!

Sorry the crabbiness continues. Hoping you cheer up soon. Shoot, tomorrow is Friday, hopefully that will help...

poppycat said...

I too hate putting away the dishes. I also hate putting away clean laundry. I don't mind washing and folding it but somehow digging through a pile of clean folded laundry each morning seems preferable to just putting it away. This bahavior is of course the cause of many a snappy discussion between the wife and I. I think it would be easier if I had more drawer and closet space.

I see a bowl of cereal in your future my dear, or perhaps a hand full of corn chips, some grapes and a strawberry pop tart. Wait, maybe that is my future I am seeing ;)

Shannon Ralph said...

Poppycat--Don't even get me started on laundry! I am also a pile-scrounger. I ended up having a cherry poptart for dinner last night. Wow...your psychic abilities are astounding! ;)

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