Thursday, September 02, 2010


Ruanita jinxed us. That's right...she changed the course of our fate by opening her mouth and uttering a few choice words. On Tuesday, she said, "We do not need to put anything else on our credit card until we pay it off." Of course, I was in complete and total agreement, unaware that she was tempting Fate. Sure enough, the following day Fate decided to rear her ugly head and put us in our place. Our washing machine stopped working a few days ago. We had a repairman out yesterday to fix it. Unfortunately, he was not the bearer of good news. The washer is beyond repair. We are going to have to go this weekend and buy a new one. And...since we don't have hundreds of dollars just laying around, we are going to have to buy it with our credit card. That's right...exactly 24 hours after uttering those short day after throwing down a challenge to Fate herself...Ruanita is eating those words. We are breaking our agreement and tossing aside our goal. That Fate is one tricky witch.


heatherw said...

Tell Ruanita that this is all her fault! She should know better than to say anything that might jinx you! Bad Ruanita! :-) Hwibbs

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