Monday, August 02, 2010

Marvelous Monday

What a day. In the history of days, I don't believe there has ever been a day more Monday-like than today. It was pure, unadulterated all of its gory glory. The day began at 4:30 this morning when I was awakened by my cat climbing on my nightstand, impolitely demanding attention and her breakfast. I pushed her to the floor several times, debating whether or not I had the energy to actually get out of bed to lock her out of my bedroom. I eventually concluded that I did not have that kind of energy at all, so I rolled over and tried to ignore her as she knocked everything on my nightstand to the floor...books, lotion, pencils, and my all-important glasses. Eventually, I was forced to get up, scrounge around on the floor for my glasses, and head downstairs to take a shower. In an act of pure spite, I made the cat wait until after I had showered to be fed. Don't mess with me on a Monday morning, kitty.

I arrived at work to find that the lights were still off on my half of the floor. My co-worker who starts work thirty minutes before me was nowhere in sight. Not good. That meant that I, being the first one there, had to check the company voicemail and return the calls of all of the poor, angry, generally pissy, HOT souls whose air conditioners had gone out over the muggy weekend. As luck would have it, my coworker showed up right as I finished making those phone calls. She had been stuck in traffic. It ended up being an extremely busy morning at work due to the above-mentioned hot, humid weather. At about 8:30am, as I was talking to one of our more pleasant customers, my phone suddenly went dead. I thought the guy had hung up on me in a fit of heat-induced rage. However, I quickly learned that my phone was the problem. It was completely non-functional. For about an hour, I tried taking calls logged into another coworker's phone. However, I could not log into her computer. Therefore, I was taking calls at her desk and running next door to mine to enter information into my computer. It was hell, pure and simple. I was never so overjoyed to see anyone as I was to see her arrive at 9:30am. I relinquished her phone and spent the remainder of my day sitting at my desk stuffing and sealing envelopes, listening to the phones repeatedly beeping their shrill warnings about too many customers waiting in the queue. Finally, thirty minutes before my day ended, the tech guy showed up and fixed my phone. Perfect timing, dude.

When I left work, I stopped at home, scarfed down a quick lunch, and then headed out again to a doctor appointment. I was finally going to see my doctor about the foot pain I have had for over a month now. I love my doctor. She is phenomenal. However, today she couldn' t do much more than refer me to a podiatrist. So tomorrow, I get to go to a doctor appointment after work again. Lucky me. She did, however, order some bloodwork for me related to a prescription she was refilling for me. I am lucky enough to have been blessed with minuscule veins. The only thin parts of my veins and my ankles. Couldn't it be my hips or thighs? Or better arms? I always wanted sexy arms...a la Angela Bassett. The blood drawer (I can't think of the term right now for one who draws blood--starts with an H?) initially tried to get blood from my arm. No luck. She them tried my left hand. Again, nothing. However, that time she moved the needle around enough to create a nice, big bruise. Finally, a second blood drawer (still can't remember the term----hema-something?) was able to get blood from my right hand after putting a hot pack on it to get the veins to appear. Prior to that, they had put a cold pack on my left hand to try to keep it from bruising too much. So there I sat in the lab....a cold pack on one hand and a hot pack on the other. Have you ever heard of such an ordeal to draw a tiny little vial of blood?

When I got home from the doctor, I remembered, to my utter annoyance, that I had to bake a cheesecake tonight for our neighborhood National Night Out celebration tomorrow. The dirty dishes are still strewn around the kitchen as I write this. I really have no desire to wash them tonight...or ever. And I was just sitting here a few minutes ago pondering how I could get out of washing those dishes, Lucas came running into the living room with a panicked look on his face. "Mom! Mom! The toilet is overflowing!" That's right....toilet water all over my bathroom. It even manged to make it's way to the hallway carpet...under the hallway carpet, to be precise. So now I am washing a load full of heavy, wet, toilet water- and urine-soaked towels. And could I find a basket anywhere to put them in to carry them down to the laundry room? No...all of our laundry baskets are full of clean clothes awaiting the day that I finally get around to folding them. So I had to throw the wet towels into a garbage bag to haul them downstairs to the laundry room. If I didn't feel like washing dishes tonight, I certainly did not feel like doing laundry! looks like I am doing both.

And finally...right before heading to bed, Sophie opened the fridge to take a peek at the marble cheesecake I made this evening. She looked at the cheesecake, looked at me, frowned, and said, " has a big, fat crack in it." Yes Sophie...even my very own cheesecake hates me on this marvelous Monday. As a matter of fact, with the crack in the center, it looks as though it is sneering at me. Tuesday can only get better, right?


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Phlebotomist!! Thank you Chris and Denise!

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