Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sissy camping....

This weekend, Ruanita and the kids and I are going camping. When I say that we are "camping," I do not mean it in the traditional sense of the word. Please understand that we will not be roughing it in any way, shape or form. We will not be sleeping in tents. Oh no...Ruanita would die before she would sleep on the ground. Rather, we will be staying in a nice, cozy cabin, complete with a private bathroom and full kitchen. We will be sleeping in comfy beds. We will be utilizing indoors plumbing and taking showers. Despite all of these amenities, it is still a modern day miracle that I convinced Ruanita to go. However, I somehow managed.

Although we will be "sissy camping," this will be our children's first exposure to camping of any sort. I am super excited because we are going with my sister, her partner and baby, and several of our friends and their kids. Our group has rented every single cabin at a campground in northwestern Wisconsin. We are taking over the campground. There will be firepits, and barbecues, and beer, and s'mores. There will be swimming, and fishing, and canoeing. I raided the 75% off summer aisle at Target last weekend and bought hula hoops, glow sticks, a football, and a horseshoe set. This weekend will be a cornucopia of outdoor delights.

Though I am looking forward to hanging out with some really fun people, I am even more excited to get my kids out of the house and out into nature. My kids...my boys, in particular...spend so much time sitting in front of a screen every day. They are obsessed with playing the Wii and watching movies. Left to their own devices, they would sit in front of the TV screen 24/7...staring straight ahead and drooling. Though they know we are going camping this weekend, I am not sure they have come to the realization just yet that the Wii is not coming with us. What will they do? However will they survive? I am thrilled at the prospect of a spending an entire weekend with them without a television or computer screen in sight. Perhaps....just maybe...they may find that the real world is much more interesting than the world behind the screen. At least I hope they do.


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