Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sneaky boy...

So what is one to do with a sneaky little boy? Nicholas is not yet four years old and already he is becoming somewhat of a master manipulator. Last night, as we were reading bedtime stories, he told me that he wanted to color the pages in his story book. I told him no. Coloring books are for coloring. Story books are for reading. His response? "If you don't see me do it, can I do it?" I had to laugh a little at his response, but I truly have no doubt that I will find that same story book with the pages colored today. He's a sneaky little shyster.

I am not sure how to handle Nicky's covertness. Lucas was never a sneaky child. To this day, actually, Lucas cannot do anything wrong without inevitably telling on himself. He does not have a sneaky bone in his body. Try as he might, he is transparent as glass. Sophie doesn't even attempt sneakiness. For the most part, she follows the rules and behaves. She will loudly lament that the rules are "not fair." However, in the end...despite robust protests...she usually follows the rules.

Nicholas is a different breed altogether. He is extremely sweet and loving. He is the child who will tell me out of the blue that he loves me to the moon and back. However, he is not exactly a rule-follower. He pretends to follow the rules. However, he is a wily little rascal. He is the child I will see out of the corner of my eye on his hands and knees sneaking across the hall into his sister's bedroom after bedtime. He is the child I will catch hiding behind the chair coloring on the living room walls. He is the child who will sneak cookies and steal his brother's candy. He is the child who will walk around in circles pretending to pick up toys when it is clean-up time...all the while somehow managing NOT to put away a single toy. He is the child who hides his brother's toys...Lucas' favorite toys he knows he is not supposed to that he can play with them when no one is looking.

I am at a loss. My first instinct is to giggle a bit at his sneaky little ways. It's cute right now because he is this adorable little ragamuffin. He flashes that dimpled smile and manages to get away with murder. However, the day will quickly come when he is no longer cute. Dimples will only get him so far in life. Soon enough, his sneaky ways will no longer be funny. I am afraid I am raising a future con man. An unscrupulous swindler. Perhaps I should alert the FBI in advance? Watch out comes Nicky!


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