Friday, May 21, 2010

Post-it Notes

I have come to the conclusion that I need a better organizational system than the random Post-it notes that litter my life right now. As I write this, I am staring at a Post-it that says "call vet" and "call Kid's Hair." My to-do list for this morning that has yet to be done. In my wallet, I have a Post-it with the phone number for the vet written down. I could certainly have combined that with the "call vet" note. Also jammed in my wallet is a Post-it with the names and phone numbers of four roofing contractors...none of which I need anymore. I can toss that one in the trash. I have a small Post-it stuck to a picture of Lucas' face that says "come in early Monday & Tuesday." I assume that is for work. I have a Post-it with the drop-off and pick-up dates for boarding our cat at the Animal Humane Society when we go to Kentucky next month. I also have their fax number. Perhaps I should have written that fax number on the Post-it telling me to call the vet because I need them to fax Molly's vaccination records to the Humane Society. Hmmm....let's combine those and I can toss another Post-it. Stuck to the back of that Post-it is a small one with the phone number for the kids' dentist and my dentist. Hmmm...that's weird. We have nothing scheduled....that I am aware of, at least. Perhaps I should plug those numbers into my cell phone and then I can toss yet another note in the trash. Wow...I like this spring cleaning. Let's see what else we have in here. "Preschool Screening June 22nd 2:40." This should probably be removed from the dark recesses of my wallet and placed on a calendar somewhere. It might be an important thing to remember. I have two separate notes in my wallet with two different addresses for my friend Rach. One is in Sauk Rapids, MN. The other says St Cloud, MN. I know she moved at some point in the last year, but I have no clue which one is the correct address. Perhaps the one with the most lint stuck to the back of it is the old address? Sounds like a pretty sound scientific deduction to me. Maybe I need an address think? I have another Post-it in my wallet that says "$360 grill/grill cover" and "$2384 electric/tree." If I am not mistaken, I believe this is a breakdown of what the insurance is paying for our tree incident from last week. That is, if we do not end up getting our entire house re-sided. I don't need this Post-it because I have a full print-out from the insurance company at home. So...toss. OK...what's this one? Hmmmm. "Jakob Dylan." OK...I am pretty certain that I don't have an appointment scheduled with Jakob least not that I am aware of. So what is the point of this? Was there a song I wanted to download on iTunes? Something I wanted to ask someone about? I don't remember writing this at all. But...perhaps it will hit me one day soon, so I'll just tuck that one safely back in the wallet. Hmm....let's see...this small one says "milk, juice, Adirondack chair." Odd combination. Target list, perhaps? I do so love my SuperTarget! this one is a full-size sheet. Recipe for Amish Friendship Bread? Oh...crap! I totally forgot about the Amish Friendship Bread starter I have sitting on top of my fridge!! Man...I didn't add ingredients on day 6. I didn't bake it on day 10. Apparently, this bread is WAY more of a commitment than I can handle. My apologies to the Amish people. I am way too much of a cluttered, chaotic, helter skelter mess to be trusted with your age-old bread recipe. Maybe I should have written myself a reminder.......on a Post-it note, of course.


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