Friday, April 02, 2010

Fashion faux pas galore...

My kids are cracking me up lately. This weather has thrown them for a loop. They have no concept of what clothing is appropriate for warm spring days. Of course, they no longer let mommy pick out their clothes. Actually, Lucas will put on anything I hand him. He couldn't possibly care any less about clothing. I love it. Sophie and Nicholas, on the other hand, are little fashionistas. There is NO WAY they will let mommy dress them. Regardless of what I pick out, they refuse to put it on. I gave up on that battle months and months ago. I just sit back and let them dress themselves. The ensembles I have seem coming out of their rooms lately are interesting, to say the least.

Nicholas is in full-on summer mode. Yesterday, he was sporting shorts--size 24-month shorts. He had on a Diego t-shirt that his cousin gave him that was way too big. I tried telling him it was too large, but it had Diego on size didn't matter to Nicky. He was also sporting sandals with bright blue socks. Not only was he wearing socks with and of itself a fashion faux pas. The socks were bright blue and came halfway up his legs. Come on look like you are preparing to move into a time-share in Boca Raton!

Sophie, on the other hand, has gone to the opposite extreme. She absolutely refuses to wear a short-sleeved shirt. She insists on long-sleeved shirts "so my arms won't get cold." Never mind the beads of sweat on her little nose. She also refuses to go without socks....even at night. Last night, I was trying to get her dressed for bed. It was just plain old stuffy in the house, even with windows open. I got her short-sleeved butterfly pajamas out and put the pants on her. When she saw that the shirt was short-sleeved, she absolutely in no uncertain terms refused to put it on. I explained that it was really warm and she would get hot during the night if she was wearing long sleeves. She ranted and raved about her arms getting cold. Finally, I relented and grabbed a long-sleeved jammie shirt to put on her. She then had to change the pants too, since the new shirt didn't match the old pants. Of course, Sophie ended up in my bed last night....clothed head to toe. I spent the entire night with her cuddled up next to me giving off copious amounts of heat and reeking of sweat. Lovely.


Jennifer said...

LOL... reminds me of when your youngest son was little, the boy would want to wear shorts in the winter and his winter coat and snow boots in the summer... I bet my neighbors thought I was crazy lettin him play in the yard like that, lol! Of course if it was too cold or hot I wouldnt let him, then I was a mean mommy =)

Jennifer said...

ps... I love the new pics. of the kids you put on the side of your blog, cute

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