Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes I really wish that I could see into my oldest son's head. I would like to know exactly what convoluted thought process allows Lucas to arrive at the oddball questions and comments that he comes up with sometimes. Yesterday, as we were driving home from school, Lucas asked me out of the blue, "Mom, who do you like better, Martin Lupher King (yes, Lucas pronounces it Lupher instead of Luther) or God." Huh? I would really like to know exactly what he was thinking at that moment that made him ask me that question. I know that he's been studying Martin Luther King, Jr in school. He's been fascinated lately with him. Perhaps he's equating Martin Luther King, Jr with a god? I guess there are much worse people for him to idolize. When I responded that I thought they were both pretty cool, Lucas asked if I wanted him to do "Eeny meeny miny moe" to help me decide. In the end, God won.

Lucas' strange comments are always completely random...seeming to appear from no where. They never involve a topic we are discussing at that moment or had recently discussed. Sometimes, they crack me up and I can't help but laugh at loud. Other times, they are mildly disturbing. Occasionally, they will completely baffle me. His mind is constantly working. I can look at him and practically see the wheels spinning in his head. I wish I had a better glimpse into the inner workings of his little brain. However, since I do not, I guess I can only sit back and enjoy whatever strange inquiry Lucas comes up with next.


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