Monday, March 29, 2010

Children vs Teeth

I read an interesting statistic recently. Apparently, studies show that the number of teeth a woman has decreases proportionately with the number of children she has. In other words, the more children you have, the fewer teeth you have. This is alarming, to say the least. Unfortunately, I wholeheartedly believe that it is true.

Prior to having children, I had a head full of beautiful white teeth. Yes, I had braces as a child, which helped. But I had also been genetically blessed....thank you, mom. I had not had a single cavity since my permanent teeth erupted way back when. I even had my wisdom teeth come in, problem free. I enjoyed dental perfection.

That is....until my children were born. Within a year of Lucas coming into my life, I got my first cavity...and the subsequent silver filling now in my mouth. For the last few days, I have had a bit of a tooth ache. I should go to the dentist, but I am harboring an ugly secret that makes me hesitate. I have not been to see a dentist since Sophie and Nicholas were born! They will be four years old in June!! I've made appointments over the years, but inevitably cancelled them when I couldn't find a babysitter or something more important came up. I go to the doctor when I am sick....being sick prevents me from properly caring for my children. So sickness must be resolved. Teeth, however, are not necessary to care for children. Therefore, since my entire being (sad, but true) revolves around my children these days, dentist appointments have fallen to the side of the road. In addition...since I am airing my dirty laundry here...I have to admit that there are days I am so exhausted that I have been known to fall into bed without brushing my teeth on more than one occasion. Nasty, but true. This is the exact thinking and behavior that the study says results in women losing their teeth. At what point did I begin to think of teeth as optional?! I think back to my grandmother who had 12 children and the brief terror I felt as a little girl when I first saw her teeth sitting on the bathroom counter. That could be me in twenty years!! Ack! Perhaps I am vain, but I really prefer to keep my teeth in my mouth. I am calling right now to make a dentist appointment!


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