Thursday, March 04, 2010

Babysitter Needed

I am in need of a babysitter. I have a select few people that I typically depend on. However, there are times when they are all busy and I find myself SOL. Today is one of those days. The twins and I have our Thursday night class this evening, but I have no where for Lucas to go. Our usual babysitter has other things going on tonight. Not a problem. She's kept him on Thursday nights for months and months, so she certainly has the right to bow out on the occasional Thursday. So I called my sister, tried and true back-up. She answered the phone sounding a little bit like I would imagine a zombie would sound, if I ever met one. Apparently, she has been throwing up all night and suspects that she may have caught strep from her son. Oooh...NOT a place I would want Lucas to be, even if she was feeling up to it. We have had far more than our fair share of puking this winter, so no thank you. I then dialed up my sister Amy. Unfortunately, she has a sick and exhausted partner, as well as a four-month old baby who is giving his poor parents a run for their money in the sleeping department. So she graciously passed on my proposition to watch Lucas this evening. My last resort since she lives way the heck out in the country (Hastings, that is) unavailable because her husband's brother recently passed away and his funeral is today. So that's it. I have exhausted all of my options. I really need to expand my repertoire of babysitters. anyone interested in becoming an on-call babysitter for me? I could hook you up with a pager. I only ask that you be available 24/7 in the event that I need a break from the mean, adorable angels...that live in my house. You don't really need any childcare experience. At this point, I would settle for a pulse and the the dexterity to dial 911. Chances are, Lucas would not even speak to you. He gets so wrapped up in playing Bionicles that he may not even notice you are there. Toss him some Teddy Grahams occasionally and he will be content. Sophie and Nicholas, on the other hand, will likely use your body as their own personal jungle gym. However, if you close your eyes really tight and repeat the phrase "I have no children...I have no children," you can transport yourself to your very own happy place. At least, that's been my experience. Of course, the pay is not that great...actually, not that existent...but the joy of interacting (or not) with a beautiful innocent child is worth far more than any monetary compensation. At least that's what I tell myself every afternoon when I am stuck at home with them. So...anyway...if anyone is interested, give me a ring. I'll be waiting to hear from you...


Jennifer said...

Good Luck with that, lol. We've never had a real babysitter, sucked! Its nice that our kids are old enough now to stay home by themselves for a couple of hours when we need them too. We just dont leave Ds13 and Ds11 home with each other, they would beat the heck out of each other while we are gone, lol

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