Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Unrequited love....

We had an interesting dinner conversation tonight. I was sitting there with Lucas, Sophie, and Nicky eating pancakes (yes...we are big fans of breakast for dinner). Nicholas was distracted with trying to draw pictures in the syrup on his plate, getting progressively stickier as the meal went on. I was thinking about how I was going to get everything done and have the kids in bed before LOST comes on tonight. Yes...it's going to be an every Tuesday struggle. While Nicholas and I were LOST (haha) in our own little worlds, Lucas and Sophie had a conversation that went like this...

Lucas: Sophie, are you going to get married when you grow up?
Sophie: No way!
Lucas: I am.
Sophie: Who are you going to marry?
Lucas: A girl.
Sophie: What's her name?
Lucas: (with the sweetest look of adoration on his face) I thought I might marry you. Do you want to marry me?
Sophie: (with absolutely no thought and no expression) No thanks.
Lucas: (looking totally dejected) Hmmm. That's ok. There are tons of girls in this world.
Me: (stupidly butting in on a conversation that had nothing to do with me) That's right, Lucas. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
Lucas: Mo-om. (rolls eyes and gives me a look of complete contempt and borderline pity) I was talking about girls, not fish.

Stupid mommy.


E'beth said...

I just read that out loud to my husband... We agreed that it was very cute.
I enjoy reading your posts.

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