Monday, February 15, 2010

When a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go...

We took the kids to see The Princess and the Frog yesterday afternoon. A really cute movie that I would definitely recommend. It was playing at the Riverview Theater, a cheapy theater. Typically, we avoid taking the kids to the theater altogether and opt for Netflix instead. With five of us, a movie with popcorn and drinks can easily surpass $50...for a matinee! I love a good cartoon as much as the next adult...but I have yet to see one worth $50. At the Riverview Theater, we can get tickets, two big tubs of popcorn and two big drinks for $20. Not a bad deal at all!

So we arrived at the theater a little early. As soon as we bought our tickets, Sophie had to go potty. Perfect, I thought. We'll get it out of the way before the movie starts and we won't have to miss any of the show. So I dutifully took her to the bathroom while Ruanita and the boys got popcorn. We then found our seats and settled in for a great cinematic experience. After about five minutes of chomping on THE BEST buttered popcorn in town, Sophie turned to me and said she had to go potty again. I argued with her at first. Seriously....she had JUST gone. Ultimately though, I gave in. I can't really argue with a bladder, try as I might. We walked to the bathroom a second time and she went again, to my surprise. Then we settled back into our seats and the movie started. Low and behold, 30 minutes into the movie, Sophie yells out, "Momma! I gotta go poop!" Nice. This time it was Ruanita's turn to climb across the seats and take Sophie. Sure enough, within 30 minute minutes of returning to her seat...she had to go potty again. Seriously? I tried to convince her that she would have to wait until the movie was over. She would have NO part of that. If she was going to have to wait, she was going to make it miserable for mommy. So she jumped up and down in front of me, loudly repeating the phrase "I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go." I finally relented before people started throwing popcorn at us, and we made that familiar trek to the bathroom again. We had become quite acquainted with the middle stall and the sink that was out of soap. We managed to make it to the end of the movie after that. However, the minute the credits started guessed it. The girl had to go again! This time, we had to wait in line. A looooong line full of little girls who actually held it until the end of the movie, a valuable skill my daughter apparently has yet to develop. Five times in the course of one 97 minute movie!? That has to be a new world record, don't you think?


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