Monday, February 08, 2010

Shannon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Wowza...have I had a bad day of eating! In my defense, I am PMS-ing, which causes me to be extremely ravenous. Seriously...for one or two days a month, I can eat my own body weight in junk food. Unfortunately, this month, that day also happened to fall on a Monday, which is a notoriously rough day anyway. So not only did I fall off the wagon a bit today...I fell off, was run over, the wagon backed up and ran over me again, then I was dragged through town. So...let's run down exactly when and where the day went sour. I started off great. For breakfast, I had a Weight Watchers almond bar and a cup of grapes--3 points total. I drank my usual one Diet Pepsi this morning and then I drank water the rest of the day at work. Everything was looking fine....until I got home.

The minute I walked in the door, I began my gluttonous search for food. For lunch, I first made a bowl of tomato basil soup. Not too bad. Then I found half a bag of Ruffles in the cabinet and ate the entire half a bag. I also had an english muffin...because half a bag of chips was apparently not enough carbs for me. After that, I decided I needed something sweet. I had bought a bag of white chocolate Lindor truffles, with the intention of having them around as a small treat on days when I did particularly well. One truffle is two points on Weight Watchers...a nice little treat. So I ate one. It was so good that I ate another one. Then two more. Four truffles total. Then Sophie told me that they had frosted animal cookies for snack this morning. Hmmm....I had to try some of those. So I had five frosted animal cookies. Pretty tasty. I had to drag the kids out in the snow today to go to the post office to mail some packages. They didn't want to go. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I bribed them to go with me by telling them I would stop and get them a treat afterwards. I know...bad idea. Bad mommy! But it was snowing and had been all day. The wind was was wet and slushy and gross. No one, including me, wanted to go to the post office. So I did what I had to do to get the kids to put on their coats. I bribed them...and I'd do it again. After a heated debate, they decided they all wanted a donut for a treat. So we stopped at Lunds and everyone got a donut....including momma. So I ate a half-stale blueberry cake donut from Lunds. Donuts just aren't as fresh at 6:00pm as they are at 6:00am. Who knew? And I don't even like donuts! Of course, that didn't stop me from shoveling it in.

By the time we got back home, it was dinner time. I wasn't hungry, but it WAS dinner time. So I made a homemade pizza on a tortilla with turkey pepperoni, onions, and peppers. Of course, I had another soda with dinner. Today I had not my usual one....not even two...nor three...but FOUR Diet Pepsis. I am going to be wide awake until Thursday! And I was not even done! Before I finally closed the kitchen for the evening, I also opened the bag of Valentine's Day candy I bought for Lucas to share with his class and ate two individual packets of Skittles. Ok....I lied. I ate three. And an individual Starburst packet. I hope I still have enough for his class.

I am embarrased to type everything that I ate today....but the truth shall set me free, right? Or something like that? Strangely, I don't feel free. I feel crabby...and bloated. I feel tense and crampy. I feel tired...and hungry...and nauseous...and ever so slightly homicidal. But free? Nope. PMS sucks.

Not a good day.


Shari said...

It happens. Acknowledge it. Move on. Tomorrow's a new day!

Jennifer said...

LOL... sorry Shannon I have to laugh, the week before TOM is due I'm just like this! Eat, Eat, Eat and of course its not healthy food! Also every month it catches me by surprise, dont know why, lol. But I'm like why I'm I so hungry, why I'm I wanting all this junk... well duh!

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