Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A blank slate....

It just occurred to me that today is Tuesday and we have absolutely nothing planned for the upcoming weekend. Nada....not a thing...the weekend is a total blank slate. This is so weird. Typically, we have a list at least half a mile long of the chores we need to get accomplished on the weekend. This weekend...nothing. I don't have to work. It's not a grocery weekend. We cleaned the house really good last weekend, so aside from basic pick-up of the Legos, bionicles, and stuffed animals that cover every inch of our living room during the day, we don't really have to do any major cleaning. What in the world are we going to do with ourselves?? The possibilities are endless.

I've been wanting to take Sophie to see The Princess and the Frog. Perhaps a movie day is on tap? However, I can hear the boys complaining already about a "princess" movie. Since I am well ensconced in the throws of PMS right now, perhaps I should avoid anything that creates a whining mutiny. Then again, movie popcorn could go a long way to beat the PMS blues. No...there is no amount of popcorn in the world to drown out the whining of my boys.

We've been wanting to take the kids sledding. We have yet to do that this winter. It always sounds really good in theory, but when we actually have the time to do it, we're just not feeling it. Plus, we only have one sled. We would need two at least for the three kids. So we would have to make a trip to Target to buy another sled. Ummm....maybe not. Sounds like a lot of work.

....maybe this weekend would be a good time to introduce the kids to ice skating. We have a couple of rinks set up at the park two blocks from our house. Close and convenient. Of course, I haven't been on ice skates in about 15 years. Perhaps that would be a recipe for disaster. Maybe we'll skip that...I certainly wouldn't want to spend my blank slate weekend in the emergency room.

How about leaving the kids at home and having a grown-up night out ourselves? A date night. That sounds great. However, babysitters are hard to come by. Surprisingly, people aren't lining up to volunteer to babysit three kids. It's much easier to find a babysitter when there is only one...and that one is a cute, chubby, babbling little baby. Mine are quickly approaching that no-longer-cute age. Lucas has actually bypassed the no-longer-cute age and is well into the just-plain-obnoxious age. So maybe a night out won't be happening this weekend....

...what could we do? I wouldn't mind doing a little shopping. I love to shop...a good bargain gets me all tingly inside. I could always think of things we need. However, Ruanita HATES to shop. And the kids like to play hide and seek in the rack...pulling clothes to the floor. I guess the mall and I will just have to be star-crossed lovers for a few more years...separated by circumstances. Secretly longing for one another. One day, we will be together again.

Wow...this is more difficult than I imagined. A whole weekend...two full days with nothing planned and I can't think of a single thing to do. Chances are, we will do absolutely nothing. Maybe hunkering down at home and relaxing isn't such a bad thing. The kids can play. Perhaps I can read a magazine or two. Ruanita and I will probably have a date night IN on Saturday....order Chinese food and watch a movie. Our usual Saturday night. I guess we don't have to be on the go constantly. Perhaps a nothing-to-do weekend will be a welcome change of pace. We'll see how it goes....


Jennifer said...

Nothing-to-do weekends are a nice break... enjoys your :)

Shari said...

I love nothing to do weekend! Relax and enjoy it!

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