Friday, February 26, 2010

Something happened...

Ruanita is at home with the kids today. She just called me at work a few minutes ago. I love getting a call from home that starts with, "Shannon? Ummmm….something happened." Immediately my mind goes to the worst possible scenario. My pulse quickens and my breathing gets shallower. I envision massive head injuries…brain damage. I imagine teeth knocked out, scattered around the living room floor. I foresee emergency rooms and ventilators… feedings and wheelchairs. I have visions of limbs being ripped off in a always hear on the news about combine accidents. Of course, we live in the middle of Minneapolis…not a farm or a combine in site. I am not even entirely sure what a combine is. That doesn’t stop my mind from going there though.

In the end it was nothing major. Nicholas had poked Sophie in the eye with a plastic sword. Apparently, they were playing (probably Beowulf again) and Nicky was running with his sword and ran right into Sophie’s eye. Nice. Proof positive that running with a sword is a bad idea. She cried hysterically, but was able to open her eye and it wasn’t too watery or red. I am sure she will survive. However, I am not sure how many calls like that I will survive.


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