Monday, February 22, 2010


I made a mistake this week. During a tear-filled desperate search for the cat (who spent five hapless hours locked in a closet upstairs), I discovered a dead mouse in the furnace room in the basement. In itself, not a bad thing. I am not particularly afraid of mice. I was able to dispose of it with no real issues. However, I made a horrible mistake when I casually mentioned to Ruanita that I had found the mouse. Ruanita is more than a little afraid of mice. She is absolutely, unequivocally petrified of mice. And it is not just mice...her terror extends to all small hairy rodents. We've had an agreement since day one in our relationship. I will handle the capture and disposable of all furry mammals. She, in turn, will handle all creatures of the insect and arachnid persuasion. We share bird duties...which strangely comes up more than one would expect.

I should have known better. As a matter of fact, the minute it came out of my mouth, I knew that I had made a terrible blunder. Suddenly, without warning, I find myself in charge of furnace maintenance...something I know exactly ZERO about. Ruanita is refusing, from this day forward, to enter the furnace room under any circumstances. In the ten years that we have owned a home together, Ruanita has solely handled the changing of all furnace filters. I don't even have a clue where the furnace filter is located on the furnace. Yes, I's true that I do happen to work for a heating company. One would think in my 3 and a half years working for Standard Heating that I would have picked up a little bit about the basic workings and maintenance of a furnace. Through osmosis, if nothing else. But no...I have managed to learn absolutely nothing, a fact that I was actually kind of proud of prior to this whole mouse incident. I am. Filter changing thrust upon me against my will. I wonder if a furnace will actually explode if one doesn't change the filter correctly? Or will it just stop working? Either way, I guess I am lucky to have my peeps in the heating business.

(Yes, I do realize that this is twice now in one week that I have used the word "peeps" in a blog entry. I am feeling rather ghetto-fabulous this week.)


Jennifer said...

I hate mice too... so glad we havent found any in the house THIS WINTER!

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