Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am wondering today if it is possible to "develop" illiteracy? In much the same way that one develops diabetes or a yeast infection? I was talking with a group of people yesterday about books they'd been reading. I had to admit that it has been a very looooong time since I have read a complete book. I am afraid that I am losing the ability to read. Is that possible? With the schedule Ruanita and I keep and the three little energy-suckers than live in my house, I find it incredibly difficult to read a book. I have tried....and I have failed. I can sometimes muster a complete magazine article....on rare occasion. I must admit though...if the page ends with "continued on page 157", it's all over...I don't have it in me to thumb through the magazine to find the rest of the article. Often, the captions under the pictures are about all of the reading I can handle. I finished a book in the hospital the day my twins were born. As a matter of fact, I finished it one short hour before having an emergency c-section. Since that day...June 18, 2006...my ability to read has disappeared. I open a book and I almost immediately fall asleep. I need to find a doctor who treats illiteracy. I am wondering if an antibiotic would help? Perhaps an ointment of some sort?


Anonymous said...

I'm good at taking books out of the library and paying the consequent late fines inevitably due thereafter. Other than that I am right there with you. You are not alone. Illiterate but not alone.

Happy Mama

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