Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Momma has lost her mind....

It's official. I have lost my mind. I decided about a month ago that it would make sense to take all three of the kids in to the dentist at the same time...get it over with in one swoop. It sounded like a good plan at the time. Unfortunately, the day for that appointment has come. I will be taking ALL THREE of my children to the dentist this afternoon. My mom is coming along to help me out since Ruanita will be at work. May the Lord be with us both.

Lucas has been to the dentist a few times. Though he certainly isn't a fan, he usually does pretty well. And he has picture perfect beautiful white teeth, a fact that fills me with maternal pride. This will be Sophie's second trip to the dentist. She has somewhat of a freakish dental history. When she was little and began getting her teeth, I was surprised at the order in which her teeth emerged. Then my surprise turned into alarm and eventually downright panic. Sophie got every single one of her teeth...including her molars...before she ever got her two top front teeth. I was convinced that she did not have front teeth. I began reading on the internet about children born with missing teeth. I was sure that Sophie was going to be one of these. She would have to spend her childhood looking like a boxer after a tough fight. I had visions of her never getting to bite into an apple or eat corn on the cob. I was figuring in my head how exactly we were going to pay for kiddie dentures or implants. I was a dental oddity too...born with two sets of baby teeth. It would make sense then that the fruit of my loins would also have freakish dentition. My poor, poor toothless baby! Finally, I relented to the voice of reason (Ruanita) and took her in to the dentist. They did an x-ray and assured me that Sophie DID have front teeth. She was just one of those rare children whose teeth did not emerge in the typical eruption pattern. She was a dental oddity, but she was not going to be toothless for life. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Nicholas is my complete unknown. This will be his first trip to the dentist. We have yet to have a child with a cavity. Perhaps Nicholas will be the one. He has pretty jacked up teeth. Gigantic overbite...pointy vampire fangs...his teeth are not exactly beautiful pearly whites. In addition, he is not the most cooperative child. I have visions of him hiding under the dentist's chair... grabbing a drill and trying to poke a hole in his sister...spraying water across the room...spitting in the hygienist's face...or simply refusing in no uncertain terms to open his mouth. Should definitely be an adventure. Perhaps he will surprise me and be a picture perfect patient. Probably not...

UPDATE: The kids were PERFECT angels...all three of them! Totally cooperative...not a whimper or a tear among them. No cavities and positively perfect teeth. It's a modern day miracle!


Anonymous said...

I was convinced Emma was not going to have any teeth at all becuase it took her so long to get them. I totally blamed Mike. Like you I thought of implants, dentures, every worst case secenario possible, and then eventually her teeth did come in. Mike was off the hook. At least for that. ;-)

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