Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stellar Parenting Moment #1865

Ruanita and I are phenomenal parents. Seriously. I would even go so far as to say we are blatant over-achievers. As proof of our rock star status, I will share the following little story with you.

Ruanita was feeling rather crabby this evening. Though it is only Wednesday, it had been a particularly tough week for both of us and it was wearing on Ruanita. I suggested—no, I am not a nutritionist nor a mental health professional— that it might prove beneficial to stuff her anger with carbs. As such, we found ourselves cruising down the Crosstown on our way to tour Italy at the Olive Garden, tersely humming along to Bruno Mars on the radio, when Nicholas—suddenly and unexpectedly as though it had been eating at him for months—said to me in his usual deadpan voice…

“Momma, sometimes I think you don’t listen to me. Like one time, I was playing Pac-man and I told you I died and all you said was, ‘That’s nice.’”

Then, without missing a beat, he turned to Ruanita, sitting smugly in the passenger seat beside me, and said…

“And you, mom. Whenever I try to talk to you, you always say, ‘Move, Nicky. I'm trying to watch Dr. Phil.’”

So there you have it. My youngest child’s straightforward and concise assessment of our parenting abilities.

What can I say?

We are obviously stellar parents.


Janice Miszczak said...

Love the Dr Phil picture and yes, that is nice when one dies playing a game

Madgew said...

I love your conversations with those wonderful children.

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