Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Random Updates from my Intriguing Life

Helllooooooo, people!

It’s been quite a while since I have written a blog entry. I’m not sure how I got out of the habit, but I miss it. I suppose I should begin by updating you on some of the more intriguing events of my recent life.

I finally dragged Ruanita, kicking and screaming, to the car dealership and bought the car we’ve had our eyes on for some time. A Honda Pilot. I have rarely in my life given a flying fig about cars, but I must admit to crushing hard on this car. It has a third row seat and has more space on the inside than our old minivan. And more importantly, it is not a minivan. I am no longer the owner of a minivan. I feel as though some sort of line has been crossed. A new life began on the day we traded in our junky old Kia Sedona minivan (for a whopping $400!) and bought an SUV.

In an unforeseen (though I should have seen it coming a mile away) turn of events, I have been placed on a budget due to the hefty car payment we are now making. No more iced white mochas from Starbucks. No more lattes from Caribou. No more bagels from Bruegger’s. No more scones from A Baker’s Wife. In short, my Monday through Friday morning routine has been heinously interrupted.

I’ve completed the first draft a full-length novel. A middle grades novel about a non-magical kid named Bea living in a magical world. No, it is nowhere near the point of being publishable. Yes, it has plot holes I could park my new Pilot in. No, I have no ill-conceived notions about being the next J.K. Rowling. But….and this is a BIG but…I can now cross “writing a novel” off my bucket list. I’ve done it. I will continue to revise and edit it. I may even try submitting it somewhere one day. But the important thing is I DID IT!

I went to my first middle school orientation meeting. My oldest son, Lucas, will be entering middle school next year. Middle school! That terrifying land of lockers and wedgies and curse words and homework galore. I love my son. I also know my son. The thought of him having to memorize a locker combination—the boy who can’t for the life of him remember to put on underwear most days—or worse yet, get himself to class without a kindergarten-style line of classmates to follow is mind-boggling. I am sure he will be fine. I hope he will be fine. But I am afraid for the little dope. And for the mommas he is leaving behind.

I am working from home today because my entire body hurts. I fell yesterday. Yet again. I am a menace, people. Seriously. I should not be allowed to walk out of the house. This time, I was walking outside to swing with Sophie. Poor, poor Sophie had been begging me all evening to swing with her. I finally had the time, but had walked no more than a couple of feet from my back steps before I fell on the sidewalk. I twisted my ankle, banged my knee up pretty good, and bruised my hand. Lucas kept grabbing my arm and trying to pick me up—as if his scrawny little body could lift me! Sophie simply sat on the swing glaring at me. Definitely one of my finer moments.


Jessica said...

Speaking of your book, did you get my notes? I'm figuring that either you didn't get them, or that they pissed you off because I never heard back from you. ;)

Congrats on the Pilot, sorry about the fall, hope you get back into blogging.

Madgew said...

Love your musings. Need more.

Amy Lee said...

I've missed you!

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