Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Perfectly Logical Accessory

I did something today.

I did something that I have made fun of other people for doing. Something that I have characterized in the past as “crazy” and “freaky” and just plain “flaky.” I did something that only those people do.

I bought my dog a quilted vest today. In my defense, I live in Minnesota. It gets pretty damn cold here. We got our first snow of the season this weekend. My dog is a boxer. She has extremely short hair which provides very little protection from the elements. And she does not like the cold. A canine winter coat is a perfectly logical accessory for a pup living in the frigid northland. Right?

She really looks quite chic in her warm, quilted vest. It is a nice rust color with orange accents. It brings out her eyes. Now that I think about it, her vest is the exact rust color of my favorite hooded sweatshirt that I wear all the time. So not only am I buying clothing for my dog, I am dressing her like me. Mommy and me clothing, canine version.

Yes, I have become one of those people. I am okay with it, however. There are worse things I could do. I could be one of those weirdos who train their cat to pee in the toilet. Now those people are freaks. I am simply a conscientious pet owner.

Next month, we are having an ugly Christmas sweater contest for our monthly Bunco game. Target has Christmas sweaters for dogs. Hideous Christmas sweaters adorned with gigantic peppermints and poinsettias. I am dying to buy one for Stella. Ruanita, however, has forbidden it. know how that goes. I will probably buy it anyway.

And Stella will be stunning. Absolutely stunning.


Jessica said...

And where exactly is the picture? And I want one with you and the dog in your matching outfits. ;)

Madgew said...

I was thinking matching outfits for the dog and you as well. I think you have tipped over the scale Shannon with this one.

Sam said...

We have two boxers and live in Wisconsin. Both of them have coats for the winter. It was a must have no matter how dorky we thought they would look. They would get so cold being outside that their goosebumps would make their fur stand on end.

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