Friday, November 04, 2011

Healthy Living

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written in my blog. Well, actually not that long. It seems like an entirety, however, to someone who was writing multiple blog entries a day at one point. This working stuff sure interferes with my ability to ramble incessantly about my life. Instead of rambling about life, I am now out living my life which, in all honesty, hasn’t been nearly as exciting. I have discovered that I greatly prefer sitting at home writing about things to getting out and doing them. Does this make me lazy? Perhaps. Does this make me pathetic? Probably. Does this make me about fifty pounds overweight? Most certainly.

Speaking of my weight, the place where I work now places a great amount of emphasis on healthy living. There is a “Cooking Light” menu in the cafeteria. There is a walking trail that circles the building and parking lot. There is also a walking path inside the building that has been defined and measured so people can walk a definitive mile on their breaks. There are ping-pong table set up in the halls. One must duck and weave and hop when walking by them in the afternoon, lest you be pinged in the head by an errant ping-pong ball. Or worse…tripped and made to look like a fool sprawled across the floor for all to see. There is also a foosball table near the cafeteria, though I don’t know if I would consider foosball an athletic pursuit.

In addition to the walking paths and ping-pong tables, there is a fitness center and locker rooms in the building. There are classes people are encouraged to take during or after their work hours. Zumba. Yoga. Pilates. All of the trendy classes are offered. There is a room you can hang out in with a Wii and—I think—an X-Box for playing video games….preferably of the active nature. There are numerous bicycles you can "check out" if you feel the need to take a ride around the booming metropolis of Golden Valley, Minnesota. There are even treadmills with docking stations for our laptops. We can carry our laptops down to the treadmill area and actually do our work while walking on a treadmill. Now that’s dedication!

Have I taken advantage of any of these healthy living incentives? Ummmm….no. As a matter of fact, the most exercise I get most days is strolling past the ping-pongers around 2:00 every afternoon on my way to the little in-house convenient store to buy a bag of Hot Tamales.

Will I take advantage of these healthy living incentives in the future? Perhaps. Maybe one day. One of my coworkers has invited me numerous times to attend her Monday and Friday afternoon Zumba class. I have declined, but one day I may just surprise us both and join her. Stranger things have happened.

I did miss signing up for the free massages today. Now that is a healthy incentive that I could definitely embrace.


Barb said...

Be careful.... healthy living can be contagious and if you spend a lot of time with these people things will start to rub off on you. :)

Madgew said...

Do you work for Google? It sounds like my kind of place. You will find time eventually but your learning curve is still big I assume in the new job. Having fun at least?

Jessica said...

That sounds heavenly to me! Get on it girl!!!

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