Monday, October 03, 2011

You would think...

You would think that I would have more free time to write since I have not worked in two weeks. You would think I would be posting two or three blog entries every day. You would think, being home with my children all day every day, that I would have numerous entertaining (and mildly disturbing) stories to share. You would think I would have nothing but free time to ponder the mysteries of the universe on this little old blog.

You would be wrong.

Let me tell, being unemployed is hard work. Between Dr. Phil and Ellen and The Talk, I barely have time to think. Between going out to lunch every day and shopping for new work clothes and buying Christmas presents online, I am exhausted. And don't even get me started on my new Nook Color. Angry Birds and Doodle Jump and Bubble Burst take hours and hours of practice to master. It's all quite time-consuming.

I promise to write more soon when I have less free time.

Really. I promise. This morning, I am just too busy watching The Today Show and wracking my brain trying to come up with an exciting lunch destination.

Oh yea...I am sucking at Weight Watchers, too.

Life will be back to normal as of Monday and so will this blog. Stay tuned.


Barb said...

Tough time of year for all of us. Less sunlight equals desire to sleep or lay around or eat potatoes soaked in butter. :)

Madgew said...

Loved this Shannon. You are so cleaver and creative with your writing. Have fun before you go back to work and all hell breaks loose.

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