Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Two

My second day at work went well. It's been a long time since I've worked eight hours in a day and I am learning some valuable lessons.

#1: Work is exhausting. Eight hours at work, come home, cook diner, cuddle the kids, baths, bedtime stories, tuck them in, crash. Repeat. That leaves little time for blogging, Facebooking, and generally keeping on top of my social networking. My priorities are all out of whack.

#2: Do not, and I repeat, do not wear a brand spanking new bra to work on your first day of work. I could practically hear the girls groaning by the time I got home. I took my bra off at home and the sigh of relief that escaped my lips was audible all over South Minneapolis.

#3: In a similar vein, do not wear a brand spanking new pair of shoes to work on your second day. Today, the bra was better, but the blisters on both my little toes are not fun at all. I have no idea what shoes I am going to wear to work tomorrow. The thought of putting on anything other than flip-flops with these blisters is enough to make me cry. I doubt my raggedy old Teva flip-flops would be considered business appropriate footwear.

#4: I should have just announced at the "Welcome Shannon" potluck on the first day that I was married to a woman. I should have just stood up and said, "Yo peeps, I am gay." By not announcing it, everyone on the team assumes I am straight. And I have been asked numerous times about my husband. I always manage to be caught off guard by the question--yea, I am slow--and I end up inadvertantly humming and hawing before finally spitting out that my partner is a woman. Come out to new coworker. Rinse. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

#5: If it has a modem, a hard drive, or a keyboard, it is going to hate me. Seriously. Mapping my drives? Umm....what? Mapping my printers? Uhhh....yea. Setting up remote access on my laptop so I can work from home? Huh? I am not computer illiterate. I know my way around a desktop. That being said, however, computers tend to hate me as a general rule. Nothing works as it should. Nothing installs as it should. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not nearly enough knowledge to be effective. *Sigh*

So that is my first two days in a nutshell. My eyes are crossing and my head is spinning. I despise the feeling of not knowing what I am doing. I assume I will one day figure it all out, but that day certainly can't come quickly enough as far as I am concerned.

Tomorrow is day three. Stay tuned.


Madgew said...

Love these daily reports. I am like you on the computer. Got a new printer and my computer guy says just plug in and it will pick up software as it was just like the one I replaced. $90 later and remote access by the computer guy voila it worked.

Barb said...

Enjoy the honeymoon. Nobody expects you to know anything right now. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

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